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Justin and Anthony, I wanted to take a moment to say how much I adore your products. The attention to detail with your packaging and the personal service really makes me feel like I’m getting more than just an amazingly scented candle. I LOVE your Black Sea scent - they’re easily my favorite candle of any I’ve ever owned. Even after my fiancé or I blow it out, it’s unbelievable how long the scent lingers; even when it’s cooled down! We’ve taken to leaving the lid off and it’s like we have an air freshener in our living room too. I don’t know how you two do it, but I’m surely glad you do. So long as you make this product, I will always have one in my home. Thanks again

Raymond - NJ

I received my wax melts today... I just wanted to let you guys know that you definitely have a returning customer here. I used Magnolia & Peony today, for maybe 2 house still smells incredible. Thank you so much for an incredible product, wonderful customer service, and speedy shipping! I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with my purchase! Thank you again, and I wish you guys all the best! Keep doing what you’re doing... you’re definitely going to be successful!

Christina C - NJ

I am obsessed with these Iazzetti soy candles. Everyone that comes into my home when this candle is burning asks about it. My friends say the smell is very fragrant, yet not overpowering. I have purchased more candles for myself recently and some for family and friends as well. These are the best-smelling candles ever, and they burn a long time!

I put my favorite, Magnolia and Peony, in the powder room and one by my bed. The Pumpkin Spice is in my kitchen and upstairs family room and the scent goes throughout the house welcoming fall.

They are also packaged beautifully and ready for gift giving.  Also, very fast shipping!

Love. Love. Love.

Carol F - CA

Ordered the Pear scented candle and WOAH - definitely not disappointed. Extremely impressed that everything is handmade because it’s literally something so great you'd think it was made by a manufacturer! That’s a good thing! The logo and branding was amazing. It is simple yet elegant which matches my home. Will definitely order time and time again! AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!

Jonathan G - OH

I couldn’t be more satisfied!! My candles came so fast after I ordered. My room smells so fresh! I love my Black Sea scent. 
Can’t wait to try all your collections. 

Laura G - NY

I received two of these candles as a gift & I immediately fell in love. They smell so good, last longer than any other candle I have ever bought before & the little cap on the top is ingenious (as you don't get smoke when you blow the candle out) - they truly thought of everything. They are the perfect gift & I, of course, have bought myself more as there is no reason to have any other candle in the house, I'm definitely hooked.

Katherine I - NY

For starters, I always try my best to shop local/small businesses to support families! I definitely made the right choice by doing that here! The order was placed on May 25th and I received it today (the 28th) THAT’S INSANE!!  They smell incredibly good and I couldn’t wait to put the melts in my burner! Love Spell has always been a favorite of mine and theirs smells better than Victoria’s Secret!! I also got a few scent swatches and they came packaged in small sealed bags so that they didn’t lose their smell! It’s honestly the small details like that that really impress me! I’m now a life long customer! Super pleased with my purchase! 

Chase F - TN

Iazzetti Home Scents have the best candles and the only candles you will ever need! The scents are consistent and amazing throughout the entire candle.  I do not burn any other candles in my home. The customer service is top notch and they go above and beyond.  If you have not tried these candles you don’t know what you’re missing, buy some now you will not regret it!

Love you guys!

Jennifer P - MD